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HAPPENED? I'VE DONE. SOMETHING. TRULY. FOOLISH. DAD? 思いがけ. II ta. O dess's. Ev Promise. AYUMU ASOU. ORIGINAL STORY BY. LYNNE GRAHAM. But when Jess's flaky relatives steal from Halston Hall, Cesario's country retreat, he has all the ammunition he needs! For now he'll enjoy her. Jess's Promise book. Read 45 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Cesario di Silvestri isn't just fast with women, he's supersonic. Af.

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Lynne Graham

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Jess's Promise

Few people were willing to take a chance on such dogs. When Jess had embarked on her first job in the village of Charlbury St Helens, she had lived above the vet's surgery where she worked. But she'd had to find other accommodation when the practice's senior partner had decided to expand the business and turned the small flat into an office suite instead.

Jess had been lucky enough to find a run-down cottage with a collection of old sheds to rent just outside the village. Although her home was not much to look at and offered only basic comforts, it came with two fields and the landlord had agreed to her opening a small animal sanctuary there. Even though she earned a good salary she was always broke, because every penny she could spare went towards animal feed and medical supplies.

Even so, in doing what she loved, she was happier than she had ever been in her life. But then she would be the first to admit that she had long preferred animals to people.

Shy, socially awkward and uneasy with men after a traumatic experience at university that had left her with both physical and mental scars, Jess struggled to fit in with human beings but was totally at home with four-legged beasts. The sound of a car pulling up outside sent Kylie to the door of the shed.

Recently, in fact, she had seen less than usual of her father and, when she had, he had seemed abnormally preoccupied with work. As a rule, though, he was a regular visitor, who often helped out by repairing the animal housing and the fences.

A quiet man in his fifties, he was a good husband and an even better dad, for, while other family members had believed that Jess had been aiming too high in dreaming of becoming a veterinary surgeon, Robert had encouraged his daughter's dream every step of the way.

His love and support meant all the more to Jess when she reflected that while Robert was the only father she had ever known he had had nothing whatsoever to do with her conception. That, however, was a secret known to few outside the family circle.

You'll be at church later and you're often on duty in the evening at weekends,' he said gruffly, and something odd in his voice made her lift her head, her unusually light grey eyes questioning. She frowned because the older man looked pale and strained and every year of his age and more.

She had not seen him look that frightened since her mother's diagnosis of cancer the previous year. Goodness, had her mother's cancer returned? That was her first panicky thought and her hands shook slightly as she finished her task.

As far as she was aware, though, her mother had not had a check-up scheduled and she told herself off for being so quick to expect bad news. I won't be long,' she told him briskly, suppressing her apprehension. She put the dog into a pen where food was already waiting for him and briefly watched the animal tuck into what was obviously his first proper meal in weeks.


After pausing in the bathroom to scrub her hands clean, she hurried on into the house and then the kitchen where Robert Martin had already seated himself at the worn pine table. Her father looked up, his brown eyes full of guilt and anxiety. I'm sorry to bring it to your doorstep but I can't face telling your mother yet,' he confided tightly. He was a plain-spoken man of moderate habits, well liked and respected in the neighbourhood.

You've got into debt?

Jess's Promise

Do you remember that holiday I took your mother on after her treatment? Her father had swept her mother off on a cruise that had been the holiday of a lifetime for a couple who had never earned enough to take such breaks away from home before.

There were never any savings. I never managed to put any money aside in the way I'd hoped when I was younger. Things have always been tight for us as a family.

Mum's family are a bad lot and I've even heard you warn other people not to get mixed up with them,' Jess reminded him feelingly. Your uncle Sam was my only option and, because he was sorry your mother had been ill, he said he'd wait for the loan to be repaid.

He was very nice, very reasonable. But now his sons have taken over his business, and Jason and Mark have a very different attitude to the people who owe them money. That realisation made her feel very guilty, since she earned more than either her parents or her two younger brothers, yet she was still not in a position to offer assistance.

But, perhaps, she thought frantically, she might be able to take out a loan. And Jason and Mark have been at me almost every day for months now,' the older man told her heavily.

It's been a nightmare keeping this wretched business from your mother.

Jason and Mark wore me down—I was desperate to get them off my back! I had no hope of paying that money back any time soon, so when they offered me a deal—' Jess gave him a bewildered look and cut in, 'A deal? What kind of a deal?Jul 07, Ayu Salsabila rated it liked it.

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