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In Tactics, Gregory Koukl demonstrates how to artfully regain control of conversations, keeping them moving forward in constructive ways. DOWNLOAD PDF eBook Free Tactics: A Game Plan for Discussing Your Christian Convictions By Gregory Koukl Full version #EPUB. In a world increasingly indifferent to Christian truth, followers of Christ need to be equipped to communicate with those who do not speak their language or.

The suspenseful setup, the brutally crafted method of questioning and reasoning and the invitation to become an Ambassador for Christ is simply artful and many reads with bring forth new insight. One critique would be that this book only outlines methodology, you will need to read it in conjunction with apologetics books in order to draw out its full potential.

An essential to any apologist's library. I think there are one or two other similar books. He also suggests that diplomacy rather than a frontal attack will be more effective. I think he is right.

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My wife reminded me that he is taking a leaf out of Norman Vincent Peale's book - How to win friends and influence people. People like to talk, and Peale's approach does that.

This book encourages that also, in a directed fashion, and getting the other person to justify and perhaps question their own stance, rather than a frontal attack, and shoving our own ideas down their throats. He points out that arguments are good things when done in the right way. It is necessary for clear thinking.


His two main questions are - "What do you mean by that? He points out that little knowledge is needed to use this approach, and one can withdraw to brush up for another day, not having put anyone off, rather having been inquisitive. Gregory goes on from there to describe various opposing tactics and scenarios with accompanying counters.

Clear thinking and sticking to one's own ideas rather than being sucked into or suckered into the opposing paradigms is needed. Altogether, this is a worthwhile book, and aids in the ongoing conflict between truth and the world's ways. In Tactics, author Greg Koukl gives plain, powerful, and helpful advice for believers who would like to be able to discuss their faith with civility while not allowing the spurious logic of their opponents to derail the conversation.

As Koukl tells us early in the book. Using tactics in discussing your faith is not about winning arguments or making others look bad.

See a Problem?

This book is not about slick tricks and clever strategies. He helps believers to learn how to ask questions that will expose the inconsistencies of the views of others, especially when those inconsistencies should reshape the argument.

Some books on Christian apologetics—the art of defending the faith—are so dense that the average believer will not wade through them. Koukl writes in an engaging and understandable style with real-life examples to show how his tactics can help.

Even his labels for his tactics are not formal philosophical terms. So, do not assume that picking up this book will give you the ammunition that you need to defeat every argument.

What it will do is teach you how to navigate the argument and spot when your interlocutor has violated the rules of sound reason. Yes, many of the examples in this book will give you solid answers to common objections to the faith.However, many debates are worthy of our best efforts.

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I want him to consider listening to Jesus first before dismissing him. Just change directions. Unless you know in advance what kind of evidence would count scientific? Although the content of the manuscript is mine, I had a great deal of help with the wordsmithing.