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Chrzest ognia book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The Wizards Guild has been shattered by a coup and, in the uproar, G. Editions for Chrzest ognia: (Paperback published in ), ( Paperback published in ), (site Edition published in ), (site Edition. Chrzest'ognia'(Saga'o'Wiedźminie,'#5)'ebook'download'epub'pdf'audiobook. Ianbailyn; 5 videos; No views; Updated today. Play all. Share. Loading Save.

Peter Kenny once again proves what a versatile narrator he is, delivering a superb performance as always. In fact, I feel this is probably his best work on this series so far. Kenny really knocked it out of the park, bringing the whole gang to life in this one, giving each group member a unique voice.

He was absolutely fantastic. So now I settle in for the wait. Heck, it may be even longer for the audio version. View all 11 comments. Mar 16, Jennifer Melzer rated it it was amazing. The symbolic Baptism of Fire is repeated throughout the story, as beliefs are challenged, paths reforged and it becomes certain that through the fire one must trek if he wishes to be born anew, like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

There were so many delightful parts of this story, clever and witty moments that made me laugh out loud, as well as emotionally gripping instances that touched my heart in ways that will surely linger long after the entire story is finished. Now I move swiftly into Th The symbolic Baptism of Fire is repeated throughout the story, as beliefs are challenged, paths reforged and it becomes certain that through the fire one must trek if he wishes to be born anew, like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

Now I move swiftly into The Tower of the Swallow, and with only two books left in the series I can already feel my heart growing heavy.

These books have resonated with me in the most beautiful way, and will long be etched high atop the list of stories that touched my life and my heart. Sapkowski is a brilliant storyteller, and his wit is not lost in translation. He crafts rich characters, thrusts them into the darkest and most terrifying of situations and still manages to lighten the mood with a few laughs now and again.

Five of five stars without hesitation, if you have not read these books I highly recommend them if you can find them. Terminar un libro de Geralt de Rivia para coger otro libro de Geralt de Rivia. Esa es mi actual vida. Andamos con nuestro querido brujo y su querido juglar, con una Ciri cuya vida ha cambiado totalmente, con un consejo secreto de hechiceras Pero es Andrzej Sapkowski. Y seguimos con Geralt en el siguiente libro de esta saga ;D View all 3 comments.

I highly, highly recommend reading the series, starting with The Last Wish , which is a short story anthology introducing the world and characters. Two of the books in this series have been some of my most enjoyed reads, and have made it onto my rather sparsely populated favourites list. This review doesn't really contain spoilers, but you probably won't want to read it if you haven't read the books.

If one were to take the entire series and consider it as one giant epic fantasy book, this would be the filler section. It works for some readers, and not for others. Geralt is moody and more stubborn than usual in this one. I think I have to say that Geralt may even by boring, and the reason these books are so good is in owing to the rest of the cast of characters.

I was excited to have Geralt as the main character again, but I think Ciri is just more interesting when it comes down to it. She was only in this one in a few dream sequences, and Yennefer, while she had good scenes, didn't have very many.

Even with the more generic fantasy storyline of this installment, Sapkowski still writes supporting characters like few others can. Geralt bands up with Milva, a half-Dryad and an excellent archer. She doesn't offer too much in terms of plot, but is a good addition to the story with her personality.

Milva lacks some of the fire in Sapkowski's other female characters, but she is still reasonably badass. She has some really good one-liners directed at Dandelion that I found humorous. Geralt also encounters a group of dwarves who, while entertaining, weren't overly interesting to me.

Zoltan was funny though, and some of the conversations were witty, but a lot of them seemed inconsequential. My favourite addition was probably Regis.

No spoilers, but it was nice to have a folklore vibe in this novel, which has been missing from the previous two. The main shortfall of The Time of Contempt is that the plot just falls flat. Not enough happens, especially when considering how much action and how many punches to the emotional gut Spakowksi managed to fit into the previous two novels.

That said, it still holds up against other books in the genre. I'd love to see some actual witching witchering? This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. Qui incontra l'arciera Milva, colei che lo informa sul mondo esterno e sul procedimento della guerra tra i regni e Nilfgaard, lo raggiunge anche il poeta Ranuncolo.

Tutti e tre partono alla ricerca di Ciri e si uniscono dapprima a una compagnia di nani che portano con loro donne e bambini sfuggiti alla guerra. Giungono a un campo di raccoglimento, qui alcune delle donne si riuniscono ai loro mariti, ma vengono immediatamente attaccati dai Nafgaardiani. Dunque quando i nilfgaardiani attaccano il campo il gruppo si disperde. Milva fugge per conto suo, i nani altrettanto e Geralt e Ranuncolo vengono rapiti dai tameriani soldati che combattono per Cintra, in gran parte corrotti.

A questo punto Milva si unisce a Chair che la salva da un agguato e Geralt e Ranuncolo vengono rinchiusi in una prigione, ma arriva in loro in aiuto il vampiro Regis, che non si nutre di sangue umano e smentisce tutte le voci che corrono sui vampiri, incontrato lungo il viaggio e unitosi anche lui al gruppo.

Grazie al suo aiuto Ranuncolo e Geralt riescono a fuggire e a riunirsi con Milva e Chair con loro prosegue anche Regis. Dopo altre avventure e molti giorni di cammino ritrovano anche i nani e la compagnia ritorna al completo per poi separarsi di nuovo, i nani a causa della guerra decidano di ritornare sulle montagne.

Uno di loro, prima di andare, regala a Geralt la sua spada. Riescono a sbaragliarlo e Geralt viene insignito dalla regina Meve di Lydia e Rivia della nomina di Cavaliere: It is a sad experience when your favourite book lets you down.

The Witcher, spawner of books and 3 hugely popular games fails to create the charm it held in the previous books of the series. Plot The biggest let down of the book, the plot of Baptism of Fire is simply non existent.

The story is about Geralt setting out to find Ciri but the story gets lost midway. In the whole book, nothing really happens. The witcher mopes, grunts and travels and yet reaches nowhere. There is no ending or a twist It is a sad experience when your favourite book lets you down. There is no ending or a twist or pretty much anything else.

Characters Geralt of Rivia who does not belong to Rivia, one of my favourite characters does nothing in this book. This is a defeated witcher. He is helpless and desperate and manages to go through the plot without bothering to improve it in any manner. His interactions with some other characters is entertaining at some points but those points are far too few in between. As to the other characters, We meet Zoltan who is probably the liveliest character in the book and that list includes Dandelion.

Narration The narration for the most part fails because it does not have much to say. You can only say so much about travelling from no particular place to reach no particular place. The author manages to squeeze in a few good scenes and pick up speed but with so little to do, the pace does not make much of a difference Hopefully the next translated book will be far better in comparison.

All our main characters are departed and looking for each other while simultaneously hiding from the common enemy. After a while, it becomes repetitive they have no idea what to do with their lives. We follow Geralt at his journey to Nilfgaard to save Ciri. They have a wonderful time together and mostly of their scenes I spent laughing my head off, but besides that, the plot has nothing to offer.

The main downfall is that the plot just falls flat and the reader keeps waiting for something huge to happen but it rarely does. Only on a few pages happens something truly significant for the future destinies of our main characters.

While that one plot twist is really exciting and totally caught me off guard, I still long for the action-packed story from the first two books.

In other words, a wasted effort. Thus, I decided to do specific good; good which would not go to waste. Woeful philosophers. Geralt is moody and even more stubborn than usual. Yes, he had a few hilarious one liners, but besides that, he got so much screen time and through all of it he was constantly broody and ready to fight. A team of heroes! What have I done to deserve it? A poetaster with a lute.

A wild and lippy half-dryad, half-woman.

What is she supposed to learn from that experience? Because to me it just looks like another filler that keeps her and Geralt apart. View all 4 comments. Man, I am eating these things up like muthafuckin candy. I love all the characters I am a long time witcher fan from the games, and Yen has always rubbed me the wrong way P Im already pretty deep into the next book, I just havent taken the time to get on GR the last week.

Highly recommend these. I had the hardest time deciding whether to give 4 or 5 stars - I settled on 4 because there wasn't nearly enough of Ciri. This is still a great book: This is a dark tale that pulls no punches when depicting the chaos of war. Some compelling new characters are introduced, and a couple of minor players are given their time of day.

Rarely have I been so emotionally invested in the fate of fictional characters! It probably helps that I was obsessed with The Witcher 3. Highly recommended series. Le cuesta un poco arrancar, pero luego la cosa mejora. View 1 comment.

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It is a very classic fantasy where the exploring of new places read: But it is also a very modern fantasy with gritty undertones and imperfect protagonists. Or more accurately, the dry British humor in which the story is told - never making a joke of the world, but let the re More reviews and no fluff on the blog http: Or more accurately, the dry British humor in which the story is told - never making a joke of the world, but let the reader see the world through the characters who have a rather jaded view of everything.

The translation into English by David French is excellent. In this fourth book of the series Geralt continues the search for Ciri, his missing child of the prophesy princess-become-witcher.

Chrzest ognia

There is an overarching main plot with intricate political machinations but it remains firmly in the background, much more so than in the earlier books.

The new characters we are given are good, though I did wish we could have seen more of the important characters from earlier - Triss is all but missing and I dislike what is being done to Ciri. Still the books is an enjoyable read - though more as a part of the whole arch rather than standing on its own as an individual book. They have enough of the old magic in them, while still being modern enough to avoid feeling dated. And as a note to writers of modern gritty fantasy - you can create a realistic, brutal world even if you do not go into excessive graphical detail.

Curiosamente tiene una estructura justo al contrario del cuarto libro. Necesito a Ciri ya. The world building is sensational and again is exactly how I pictured it and remember it from the games. It's just spot on in it's descriptions and how it makes you a part of the story and the world. The characters are fantastic as usual and I won't spoi 5 Stars again for this next one in this series Every time I think the next one won't life up to the last book and my high expectations based on how much I love the games and every time I am wrong and I couldn't be happier Another great addition.

The characters are fantastic as usual and I won't spoil it by saying who is in it except to say those who have played the games will go "Oh so that's when Geralt met??? While the books and the games do diverge a lot in terms of story the characters are almost identical which is just fantastic I think.

Again the plot is very much part action part political intrigue part social treatise but the game is too so I really like that aspect. The pacing is good and the story moves along with a few little twists and turns as well. This needs to be read in the right sequence as it picks up where the one before left off but it is just brilliant. Clearly fans of the Witcher games will love it but I think this series can stand on its own for those who haven't played the games.

Highly recommended Bueno, terminado el jueves aunque haga el comentario hoy De cualquier modo, la saga del brujo es todo menos corriente. Me parece que tiene una narrativa adaptada al contexto muy Bueno, terminado el jueves aunque haga el comentario hoy Me parece que tiene una narrativa adaptada al contexto muy bien lograda y me parece que los traductores han hecho un trabajo BRUTAL.

Tienen una labor que no siempre se contempla y la verdad es que en casos como este es de destacar. MUY para bien. Narrative is a little bit weird in this one.


Sometimes I felt I was reading a lighthearted comedy about friends traveling from one place to the other. Suddenly, I was in the middle of a bloody and political war.

The ups and downs kind of turned me off at some point, and I know this is supposed to be a Medieval setting but the use of the femme cast sometimes worried me. It looks like in the Witcher world you can only be an "angry feminazi" or a "useless woman". No shades of grey. Anyways, still a Narrative is a little bit weird in this one. Anyways, still a good book, plot-wise one of the most important, so if you are at this stage go on, it will not let you down.

I think it is a good transition book and the new characters are interesting, the plots about the wizards' coup and the other political schemes are getting clearer as well, can't wait to see how the main characters' journey will turn out! Jan 25, M.

Peki o zaman bu puan neden diyeceksiniz. Will review soon at www. Przede wszystkim Milva Geralt z Rivii, heheheheh.

It starts up immediately after the events in The Time of Contempt, which you must read before picking up Baptism of Fire. This review will contain spoilers for previous books.

The Chapter of Mages was destroyed as the sorcerers and sorceresses were either killed or otherwise dispersed. Geralt was defeated and Read More: De lo mejor hasta ahora. Todo lo relacionado con el vampiro me ha parecido muy interesante.

Andrzej Sapkowski

Me ha encantado. Great book. Picks up almost immediately where the last book ended. Geralt still on his quest to find and save Ciri. My only disappointment was that it ended sort of abruptly. Baptism of Fire [Oct 10, ] 37 37 Oct 24, Readers also enjoyed. About Andrzej Sapkowski. Andrzej Sapkowski.

Baptism of fire

Sapkowski studied economics, and before turning to writing, he had worked as a senior sales representative for a foreign trade company.

Sapkowski has created a cycle of tales based on the world of The Witcher, comprising three collections of short stories and five novels. This cycle and his many other works have made him one of the best-known fantasy authors in Poland in the s. The main character of The Witcher alternative translation: The Hexer is Geralt, a mutant assassin who has been trained since childhood to hunt down and destroy monsters.

Geralt exists in an ambiguous moral universe, yet manages to maintain his own coherent code of ethics. At the same time cynical and noble, Geralt has been compared to Raymond Chandler's signature character Philip Marlowe. The world in which these adventures take place is heavily influenced by Slavic mythology. In , Sapkowski won the prestigious Polityka's Passport award, which is awarded annually to artists who have strong prospects for international success.

A film by the same title was compiled from excerpts of the television series but both have been critical and box office failures. Other books in the series. Books by Andrzej Sapkowski. Trivia About Chrzest ognia Sa No trivia or quizzes yet.

Quotes from Chrzest ognia. Welcome back. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Fantasy Buddy Reads: Unlike the last two books which have had a large amount of different point of view perspectives eighty-percent of this novel is following the Witcher on his mission to rescue Ciri.

Geralt is initially uninclined to let anyone share his burden but comradeship does succeed towards the finale. The conversation and banter between the members of this ensemble is excellently crafted as many of the characters are so different.

Although his closest friend, Geralt, and Dandelion could not possibly be any more different and I often chuckled at their oddness reflected in their exchanges. The other sections that we follow are what is happening to Ciri at the other end of the world. We also see a few scenes from the viewpoint of certain enchantresses who seem to have a scheme under development. A few moments feature Dijkstra who is the head of Redania's secret service. The war is raging all over the world, mainly Nilgaardians verses everyone else but in politics, things are never that simple, and with all the names of factions, King's and noble houses I still occasionally get confused about who is fighting who, however; that actually suits the vibe in this book.

As the fellowship are on their journey they come across many battles, fights, and skirmishes and Sapkowski's skillful writing accentuates the confusion and unpredictability of war but also heightens the fact that the brotherhood are so isolated in trying to achieve their objective.

There are so many standout moments and set-pieces, character development is sublime, and relationships that are frosty at best transcend any predicted outcome as the Brotherhood fight for their life and for Ciri. This series is finally reaching the lofty heights that it has always hinted at and I can't wait to start The Tower of the Swallow straight away.

This entry is exceptional and as well as the finest story in The Witcher saga it is also probably in my top books of all time.You may send this item to up to five recipients.


Giungono a un campo di raccoglimento, qui alcune delle donne si riuniscono ai loro mariti, ma vengono immediatamente attaccati dai Nafgaardiani. She doesn't offer too much in terms of plot, but is a good addition to the story with her personality.

Other Editions Would you also like to submit a review for this item? Your use of the site and services is subject to these policies and terms. Though it functions well as an adventure fiction, it has added depth and value as satire and commentary on fantasy literature. The pacing is good and the story moves along with a few little twists and turns as well. Milva the forest dwelling archer and Regis a barber-surgeon are two of the finest even though those descriptions give nothing away regarding what to expect from them in this narrative.

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