THE NEW ENGLISH BIBLE - Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, - © The Delegates . The books of the OLD TESTAMENT (pdf format). The NET BIBLE is a completely new translation of the Bible, not a revision or an update of a pre- vious English version. It was completed by more than 25 biblical . The New English Bible. F.F. Bruce. [p]. 14 March , was the most important day in the history of the Bible in Britain since May , when the Revised.

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The NET Bible is a completely new translation of the Bible with 60, translators ' notes! It was completed by more than 25 scholars – experts in the original. about the state of our civilization and about what is to be done. Not in order for us to opt out into a new otherworldliness, but simply to liberate us from the spell of. The Holy Bible. Containing the Old and New Testaments. Translated out of the Original Tongues and with the. Former Translations Diligently Compared &.

Because the Remarkable Bible is a pdf file, it can be opened on just about any computer or device. However, it is designed to be used with a stylus such as the Apple Pencil on the Apple iPad.

When opened in a suitable app that supports pdf linking, the result is a fully writable bible to mark, remark, highlight and draw on.

The experience simulates a physical paper version. However, your writing never effects the original text. Now you can save your personal notes and bible forever in digital form and share them with your friends and family. How do I install The Remarkable Bible? A great advantage of using The Remarkable Bible is you get to choose the app that works best for you on your device.

You are not locked into something that doesn't work for you. Most apps will even allow you to customize the cover page and decorate everything to suit your taste. After the file is downloaded to your device or cloud, it can be opened with quite a few pdf supported apps.

Our Compatible App Guide contains reviews and suggestions of our favorite apps and the list is expanding as new apps become available and tested.

Instruction is provided to get the bible installed which is usually very easy and is just a few steps. How do I use The Remarkable Bible? Use The Remarkable Bible the same as you would for a physical paper bible.

Write in the margins, underline, hightlight and circle text. Add images and links to web pages or other files. Some apps allow two files to be opened side by side.

The translating panels adopted the following procedure. An individual was invited to submit a draft translation of a particular book, or group of books. Normally he would be a member of the panel concerned.

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Very occasionally a draft translation was invited from a scholar outside the panel, who was known to have worked specially on the book in question. The draft was circulated in typescript to members of the panel for their consideration.

They then met together and discussed the draft round a table, verse by verse, sentence by sentence.

Each member brought his view about the meaning of the original to the judgement of his fellows, and discussion went on until they reached a common mind. There are passages where, in the present state of our knowledge, no one could say with certainty which of two or even more possible meanings is intended. In such cases, after careful discussion, alternative meanings have been recorded in footnotes, but only where they seemed of sufficient importance.

There is probably no member of a panel who has not found himself obliged to give up, perhaps with lingering regret, a cherished view about the meaning of this or that difficult passage, but in the end the panel accepted corporate responsibility for the interpretation set forth in the translation adopted.

The resultant draft was now remitted to the panel of literary advisers. They scrutinized it, once again, verse by verse, sentence by sentence, and took pains to secure, as best they could, the tone and level of language appropriate to the different kinds of writing to be found in the Bible, whether narrative, familiar discourse, argument, law, rhetoric or poetry.

The translation thus amended was returned to the translating panel, who examined it to make sure that the meaning intended had not been in any way misunderstood.


Passages of peculiar difficulty might on occasion pass repeatedly between the panels. The final form of the version was reached by agreement between the translators concerned and the literary advisers.

It was then ready for submission to the Joint Committee. Since January the Joint Committee has met regularly twice a year in the Jerusalem Chamber, Westminster Abbey, with four exceptions during when the Langham Room in the precincts of the Abbey was kindly made available.

At these meetings the Committee has received reports on the progress of the work from the Conveners of the four panels, and its members have had in their hands typescripts of the books so far translated and revised. They have made such comments and given such advice or decisions as they judged to be necessary, and from time to time they have met members of the panels in conference.

Of the original members of the panels most have happily been able to stay with the work all through, though some have been lost, through death or otherwise, and their places have been filled by fresh appointments. The Committee has warmly appreciated the courteous hospitality of the Dean of Westminster and of the Trustees of the Central Hall. We owe a great debt to the support and the experienced counsel of the University Presses of Oxford and Cambridge.

We recognize gratefully the service rendered to the enterprise by the Reverend Dr.

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Hendry and the Reverend Professor J.The British publisher and author Adam Nicolson , in his book on the King James Bible , criticized the newer translation for its 'anxiety not to bore or intimidate'. In the beginning of creation, when God made heaven and earth, the earth was without form and void, with darkness over the face of the abyss, and a mighty wind that swept over the surface of the waters.

Wycliffe Middle English Bible translations.

Write in the margins, underline, hightlight and circle text. May Support is limited, but we will answer inquiries as time permits.


The Remarkable Bible is distributed free of charge. If you previously downloadd this article, Log in to Readcube. When opened in a suitable app that supports pdf linking, the result is a fully writable bible to mark, remark, highlight and draw on.