English World Level 2 develops children as confident communicators in English through a wide Level 2 Grammar Practice Book Play a central role in the teaching of new vocabulary and the presentation of dialogues to promote fluency. The Teacher's Guide Pack contains step-by-step teaching notes for each lesson. Warm-ups for every lesson, Answer Keys for course components and useful classroom suggestions are contained within. Accompanying the Teacher’s Guide is a page-faithful, electronic version of the. English World is a level course designed for children learning English as a first foreign Теперь в названии кроме номера трека (по Teacher's Book)

English World 2 Teachers Book

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English World 2 Teacher Book by Liz Hocking, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. English World 2 Pupils Book - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. macmillan English world 2 pupils book. English World 2 book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers.

Updated technology for teachers and learners supports every step of the teaching and learning process from in-class instruction, to independent practice, to assessment!

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It sleepsin thot tree with o cokeond o sweet. Sommgthe soilor,Sommuthe soilor, Soilingon the seo. Sommgthe soilor,Sommuthe soilor, Whot con Sommgsee? Whot conSommusee? Whot con Sommusee? Up,down,turn oround, He conseethe seo!

It wasfqntastic! Reodthe sentences. Lookof the pictures. Finish the emoil. Hi Scrrn Thrcrnksfor the plcturesof fhe cLquclrlurn. Theu ore re,at. Liketl're ieLLf isl"i.

YesterdaWC wbre crt tl"reariirncrl crrk. Yesterdog Somond Amg were on o boot. Theirmum ond dod were on the boot,too. Amg'sdod pointedto the dolphinsond the wholes.

AmUwotchedthem for o longtime.

English World 2 Teacher Book

Therewoson eoglein the skg. Nome thesethings. Where qre theg? It is hot. Somond AmU ore of the onimol pork. Thereore lots of beoutifulonimols.

Thereis breod,cheese,milk ond orongejuice. Thereore opplesond gropes,too. Mum is putting plotes, cupsond bottleson the toble. Project3 I Thinkoboutthe months. Whqt is the weqtherlike? Whqt do gou do? Whqt do gou weor? Whqt do gou eqt? In Januoruit Lsoften cold. Sornetirnes"Lt snows. I LikeJcrnuarg. We'reon the beach. The sand is hot.

I cqn'twatk on it. What'sin the box?

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Don'tcome What'sin the box? Hopwith Uoursister. Hopwith Uourbrother. Hopwith Uourfother. Hopwith gour mother. Hop with Ben ond Bob ond Bill. Hop with Jennuond Joon ond Jill.

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Hop i n the sunshine. Hop in the roin. Hop up the hill ond hop down ogoin. Don't stop! Storfish hoveormsondspines. This Slorfish storfishhosfiveorms. Thespinesore shorp. Storfish connotswimbuttheyconcrowl on therocks. Readingcomprehension Circlethe wrong word.

Writethe correctword. I Reqdthe sentences. A roundsilvermoon, A longsilverspoon, Toll silverboots, And silverbolloons. Down in the rock pool Whot con Uousee? I con seelittle fish. Littlef ish! One,two, three. Down in the rockpool Whot con Uousee?

I conseelittlecrobs Nip! Don't n ip me! Closscomposition Look! Starfishdo not haveclawsor shells. I pulledthe tree onto the beo. Reodqnd motch. Write the letters. Grammarin conversotion 1 O Listenond reqd. How wos Vourweekend? Sundagafternoonwas good. FirstI pl,aged footbatt. Firsto tinU egg. Next o scorgmonster. Then o brown box. Losto beoutif u I butterflg! Theflrst dav Wewalkednextto a rnter. Therewere fLowersLn the trees. There beautLfuL wereparrots,too. Theseconddov todag.

Therewosa tLnY frog Ln Lt. Thef ourth da! Therewosa btgspldernextto our tent lt crawLed thls mornLng. I was scared! Theslxthdau Bob'scor. The lungLewos verA excLtLng!

Here'sthe porrotwith the long greentoil, ridingin the boot with the Uellowsoil. Sondin gourfingernoils SondbetweenUourtoes Sondin goureor holes ono up uour nose!

John Foster Sondevergwhere 1'l6. Th erewereparrott, too. Amg ond Somwere on holidquof the beqchfor four dqus. Look qt the pictures.

Reodthe words. Write Amg's diorg. We sailedocrossthe seo. We soitedthrough the waves.

English World 2: Teacher's Guide

And herewe are! We'vegot pLZZas and burgers. Reodond mqtch.

The cot chosedthe mouse, Upthe hillond down the hill, The cot chosedthe mouse. The childrenchqsedthe dog, The childrenchosedthe dog, Upthe hillond down the hill, The childrenchosedthe dog. Readingcomprehension 1 Reodthe sentencesqbout Fredo'sRestqurqnt. Write Trueor Fslse. Breokfost1 You con hoveeggs.

MB 2 O Listen,reqd qnd sqg. She'sreodingher book. Listenqnd reod. Pizzofor the kingt Pizzofor the king! I wont cheese,I wont tomotoes, I wont peppers,con't gou see? I wont chicken,lots of chicken. Thot'sthe pizzofor me! I wont peos,I wont pototoes, I wont beons,con't gou see? I wont corrots,lots of corrots.

I wont strowberries,lots of strowberries, Thot'sthe pizzofor me! Pizzofor the king! Clqsscomposition bananqsqnd grapes orolnges, 1 Reqdond look ot the pictures. SomondAmUore hovingo portu. TheUore thinkingoboutfood. YesterdouSomond AmU were on the beochwith their fomilg ond their friends.

Dod fixed the boot. He mendedthe soil. Ben ond Somjumped into the seo. Amg ond Meg looked in the rock pools. Therewos o crob ond o storfish.

Their lunchwos delicious. Therewere burgersond solod. Therewos o big chocolotecoke. It wos sunnUond hot gesterdog. Project4 1 Write obout gesterdog. Wherewere gou gesterdog? Whot wqs the weother like? Whot wqs there? Weregou in the plogground? Findwords in gour Word Book. Yesterdog First I wos trr. Yesterdag there were cloudscrndLt wos rcrlng.

Therewos o ralnbow.

English World 2. Teacher's Guide

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Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Scopeond sequence Unit New words ond poge speoking 1 At the castle oction verbs 24 76 8 A fantastic shoP clothes Doesshe like the dress?

Do theg like the hot? Do gou like tennis? Who is the winner? Whot colour ore their noses? A trip in o bolloon food, drink ond contoiners There'swoter in the iug.

Look ot the animols! He wos cold. We were hoppg. Theg were hot. Whot's the time? The seo! There wos o house. There were three birds. Don't touch it. Don't go neor it. He pointed to o shiP. They plaged in the seo. Firstt played footboll. Next I helped Dod. Then I watched TV. Yesterdog I climbed o tree.

Yesterdog he visited his Grondmo.

Dan likesbasketboll. Theg like banonas. What ore gou doing? Whot are theg doing? PiroteJock sportsond hobbies 50 5 He's woshing the stePs.

Thafs mg swing. Are theseAourPens? Th[s is mg frtend,Joe. V,V Remember! Ask qnd onswer. No, it [sn't. Good -d" I How are you? Whot ore theg?

Ask ond onswer. What are theg? Aretheg cats? Yes,theg are. No, thegaren't. Yff plones? Abe 1 Arethegtroins? I C Listenond reqd. H f'm Luc1. This is mU fother and this [s mUmother. Thisis mUsister,Y1eg. Thisls mUgrandfather 4 How old ore gou?

LrLtl"reLuvtn r00nL. Howmonu n ore There betlsare there?

Ask ond qnswgr. Whot cotour are the cats? C Listen LPChooseo letter. Findo word. Where's the car?

Whot ore theg sqging? L IA Tolk qbout the picture. She'soot a cake. Hashe got a card? N o , th,eghaven't. Lookat me! Yes,theg can. No, con't. Tn 2 cots- reod? B write. A 2 Conthe old mon run? What'sthe weathertike? Lookat Litgln picture 1. What are th'egdotng? He's cl"eantng tr He'swashtngthe steps. Point qnd 5 q g.

No, he [sn't. No, theg oren't. Are theg reading? Are theg readtng? EruI'--N N r. Trqmmor in conversation I qnd reqd. C Look,listen Look at pictureA and count to f[ve. Remember What's he dotng? I don't knowf Rememberthe woman! Whot's she dotng? How aboutthe chitdren? What are theg dotng?

AmUond Somore picking corrots. Grondmoiswoshing 2 lt isTuesdog. AmUiscotching 3 lt isWednesdog. Grondmois cleoning. AmUiscorrgingbeoutiful 5 lt is FridoU. Thechildrenore 6 lt is Soturdog. TheUore eoting opples. Phonics O Look andlisten! L 3 C Listenqgqin. Reqdthe words. Write the storg. At home It is Mondau. ArnUis pickingflowers. Lookat thesetogs! Al l,t,? Lcok at this roundabout. It's o swlng.

Ask qnd qnswer. What ore these? What hoveUougot ln gourschool bag?

I And what'sthis? F , funng! Phonics O r i. In thepark 2 O Listen,reqd qnd sog. Students learn English without even noticing that they are studying. This gamification element motivates learners to practise until they get the best possible results. Workbooks The Workbooks are perfect for homework and in-class practice. Each Workbook contains a wide variety of review and practice exercises and covers all of the language areas in the corresponding Student's Book.

Teachers will find all the guidance they need to deliver a complete blended learning experience. Storybooks Picaro Storybooks are fun and engaging reading materials presented in an attractive comic book format. Each book is set on a planet from the Picaro galaxy and features Picaro avatars and characters.Level 2 Starters — equivalent to 2 years of study Level 2 explains vocabulary and grammar structures in line with the Cambridge English: Young Learners Starters Exam.

Return to Book Page. Here'sfhe bond! Sheisweoring Thisgirllikes doncing. Thegweren'tfriendtgondI wosscored!