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The power of eye-contact and dramatic close-up focus makes for some of the most arresting images. In which case, stop down the lens to a small aperture.

Just the eyes? Go for a wide aperture — and make sure you nail the focus on the eyes. Try positioning the image off to the side of the frame, with one eye on a point of power.

Exaggerate features by using a wide-angle lens and getting in twice as close although no-one will probably thank you for it. Wideangle lenses anything from around 28mm and below exaggerate perspective, while telephoto lenses mm and above compress it.

Each has its own benefits and restrictions when it comes to composition. A wideangle lens or the wide end of a zoom takes in a much bigger view of the world.

However, it becomes much harder to isolate interesting parts of the scene in front of you. Telephoto lenses can help reduce the scene to the most important elements. It slows your shooting speed down and makes you consider the scene in front of you with a little more care. Shots of children and animals benefit greatly if you get down to their eye level — it creates a much greater sense of intimacy.

Is that the feeling you want in your final photo though? By changing shooting position, zooming in on the most significant part of the scene and using a portrait format to emphasise the height of the buildings, this is more vibrant.

Pay particular attention to out of focus highlights in a background — the sky showing through gaps in tree foliage is a classic example. Watch out for skies with no colour in them.


A flat, greyed-out expanse can drain a picture of life. Be prepared to drop or raise the position of the camera and angle it up or down to isolate your subject against a softer, more uniform backdrop.

Be aware that warm colours — oranges, reds, yellows — tend to leap out at the viewer, while cool ones — blues, greens — recede. The son of commercial artists, many of his images display the eye of a painter in their compositions. No part of the frame goes to waste. There are only four elements to this photograph if you include the sky , so they need to work in harmony with one another. Here, the exposure has become a central feature of the composition, with detail-free deep shadows used as a solid presence in the final image.

A simple line leading through these areas of a picture to your centre of interest can be effective — picture a river snaking from the entire foreground to a tiny point on the horizon. Choice of lens and aperture are also vital components to creating depth. Notice ce how how there there are no distracting ng elements. Choice of lens Find a frame As mentioned earlier, wide-angle lenses exaggerate perspective while telephoto lenses compress it.

But with good technique, both can be used effectively to give a sense of depth. Get down to ground level when photographing animals, for instance, select a wide aperture and blur grasses in front of them to provide a soft frame.

Combine this with an out-of-focus background which compliments the foreground trees, bushes or taller grasses , and your in-focus subject will appear sharper than ever. Your photo will have a pleasing 3D effect. So I made a conscious effort to play the innocent wee student just doing his homework, and that got me access to some sites and events.

But the residents were happy to chat. A lot of them were living in completely run-down areas, some were facing eviction and all of them were happy to tell their stories to anyone who would listen. The local press wasnt interested in hearing their side of the story because Glasgow was, and still is, so preoccupied with the idea of regeneration and demolition being the best solution. Residents who opposed this idea were sidelined.

The definitive companion for SLR and CSC photographers.

Dalmarnock, the scheme I used my student identity as my calling card! I made a conscious effort to play the innocent wee student just doing his homework, and that got me access to sites Digital Camera August where much of the Commonwealth Games development was taking place, was completely run down.

It went from a population of around 50, to just a few thousand people. Land was cheap, abundant and in ruins. But why did Dalmarnock and the east end of the city have to wait 30 years for any sort of proper investment?

Why did it take a mega sporting event to transform the area? And what if Glasgow hadnt been awarded the Games? There are a lot of questions that need to be asked. You obviously feel angry about the businesses doing well from the regeneration while some ordinary residents seem to have lost out.

Do you try to channel your anger into your work? My job as a documentary photographer and lm-maker is to record these events and people to then turn it into larger project for discussion, debate and reection.

Thats what this project was all about. There was no time to get angry. Glasgow has changed so much in the past few years that if you blinked, you might have missed it!

You are skilled in both stills and video.

They are very different disciplines. How do you www. Ah, the joy of now using a digital SLR when I used to run around shooting with a separate camera and video cameraEven for large-scale weddings, John uses the Olympus system.

The Best Digital Cameras for 2019

Back issues, specials, and future issues are available for download within the app. Plus as a subscriber to Digital Photographer, you have access to hundreds of creative resources via FileSilo — all for free.

You can subscribe to this magazine www. We are not responsible for their contents or any other changes or updates to them. Registered office: The Pocketmags Team. Review Intro. A 1-inch sensor has roughly four times the surface area of the chips used in premium smartphones and entry-level point-and-shoots.

I was also lucky to be using the impressive Sigma mm superzoom, reviewed on page