AIEEE–, BOOKLET CODE(A). Note: (i) The test is of 3 hours duration. (ii) The test consists of 90 questions. The maximum marks are (iii) There are. marks each and Question No. 33 to 38 consist EIGHT (8) marks each for each correct response. Part C – PHYSICS ( marks) – Questions. AIEEE question paper. Page 2 of 15 All India Engineering Entrance Examination - Physics. PART − A. 1. This question.

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AIEEE - Paper with Solutions for physics, chemistry and Maths - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. AIEEE - Paper with Part C - MATHEMATICS ( marks) Questions No. 61 to 82 and 89 to Year Question Paper Type: AIEEE Question Paper. Attachment Format: pdf . Subjects Covered: Physics,chemistry,maths. No Of Questions. AIEEE Question Papers With Solutions and Answers For Download in PDF.

Its centre of mass rises to a maximum height of 1 l2 2 1 l 2 1 3 g 6 g. For a point 'p' inside the sphere at distance r1 from the centre of sphere, the magnitude of electric field is Q 1 0 2 40 r12 3. Y is true only when both A and B are true. If x, and a denote the displacement, the velocity and the acceleration of a particle executing simple harmonic motion of time period T, then, which of the following does not change with time?

Option 2 however may not be regarded as the correct answer because it is not mentioned that x, the displacement is measured from equilibrium position. In an optics experiment, with the position of the object fixed, a student varies the position of a convex lens and for each position, the screen is adjusted to get a clear image of the object.

A graph between the object distance u and the image distance v, from the lens, is plotted using the same scale for the two axes.

A straight line passing through the origin and making an angle of 45 with the xaxis meets the experimental curve at P.

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A thin uniform rod of length l and mass m is swinging freely about a horizontal axis passing. Infrared radiation will be obtained in the transition from: Energy of transition is less only in this case. What is the energy of the gas due to its thermal motion?

This question contains Statement1 and Key. A steady current I is flowing in the loop. Another straight thin wire with steady current I1 flowing out of the plane of the paper is kept at A mixture of light, consisting of wavelength nm and an unknown wavelength, illuminates Young's double slit and gives rise to two overlapping interference patterns on the screen.

The central maximum of both lights coincide. Further, it is observed that the third bright fringe of known light coincides with the 4th bright fringe of the unknown light. From this data, the wavelength of the unknown light is: Two points P and Q are maintained at the potentials of 10V and 4V, respectively. The work done in moving electrons from P to Q is 1 9.

The surface of a metal is illuminated with the light of nm. The kinetic energy of the ejected photoelectrons was found to be 1. The work function of the metal is: The resistance of a wire changes from to when its temperature is increased from 27C to C.

Key 4 Sol.

R0 is the resistance at 0C. Question numbers 12 and 13 are based on the following paragraph. The magnitude of the magnetic field 2 due to It speed after 10 s.

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A charge Q is placed at each of the opposite corners of a square. A charge q is placed at each of the other tow corners.

At the straight point of the motor cycle there is a stationary electric siren. A long metallic bar is carrying heat from one of V its ends to the other end under steadystate. Assume that the duration of collision is negligible and the collision with the plate is totally elastic.

Then the velocity as a function of time and the height as a function of time will be: A transparent solid cylindrical rod has a 2 refractive index of. It is surrounded by air. However wire 1 has crosssection area A and wire 2 has cross sectional area 3A. If the length of wire 1 increases by x on applying force F, how much force is needed to stretch wire 2 by the same amount? If the smallest division of the main scale is halfadegree.

The incident angle for which the light ray grazes along the wall of the rod is: They superpose The number of beats produced per second will be 1 4 2 3 3 2 4 1. E L Key. Question numbers 28, 29 and 30 Sol. Most of the Ln III compounds are coloured due to f f transition. Two moles of helium gas are taken over the A liquid was mixed with ethanol and a drop of concentrated H2SO4 was added.

A compound with a fruity smell was formed. The liquid was: Fruity smell is evolved due to formation of T ester. H 2SO 4. Assuming the gas to be ideal the work done on ethylacetate the gas in taking it from A to B is: Arrange the carbanions, Key. Enthalpy of adsorption in physisorption is due to p - d bonding CCl3 is extra stable. The alkene that exhibits geometrical isomerism Therefore, the spontaneous adsorption will have is: Which of the following on heating with aqueous 3 KOH, produces acetaldehyde?

In a fuel cell methanol is used as fuel and COOH oxygen gas is used as an oxidizer. If regarding physissorptions? At at 25C is: At the same temperature, if 1 mol of Y Key.

Vapour Sol. Copper crystallizes in fcc with a unit cell length 3 0 0 of pm.

AIEEE 2009: Questions and Solutions

What is the radius of copper atom? The time required for Which of the following has an optical isomer? In highest oxidation states transition metals Solid Ba NO3 2 is gradually dissolved in a 1.

Calculate the wavelength in nanometer 1 4. Which one of the 1. Using MO theory predict which of the following 3 The solution is non-ideal, showing ve species has the shortest bond length? On mixing n-heptane and ethanol; strong 1 B. In context with the transition elements, which of 1 3 2 2 the following statements is incorrect?

Which of the following pairs represents linkage The two functional groups present in a typical isomers? The correct reason for higher B-F bond dissociation energy as compared to that of Buna-N synthetic rubber is a copolymer of: B has vacant available p orbital and hence it involves p - p back bonding which is not possible in CF4 as C does not have vacant orbital.

In Cannizzaro reaction given below. From 6 different novels and 3 different 1 3. Then the number of such arrangements is 1 n 3 1 less than log log10 2 at least but less than The projections of a vector on the three coordinate axis are 6, 3, 2 respectively. The direction cosines of the vector are. Vector equation. The volume of the tetrahedron ABCD is Perpendicular distance from origin to plane passing through a,b,c Vector equation of plane passing through A,B,C with position vec- So if you fo-cus on easy and average question i.

Try to ensure that in the initial 2 hours of the The mo-re you practice, the more Try to do first and sec-ond level of skills. Functions are the backbone of this section. You need to learn properties of all types of functions, such as trigonometric, algebraic, inverse trigonom-etric, logarithmic, exponential, and signum.

AIEEE (All India Engineering Entrance Examination)

Approximating sketches and graphical interp-retations will help you some special tips and tricks to solve the AIEEE questions to get the solve problems faster. Practical application of derivatives is a very vast top rank.

A get a good rank. Questions were equally divided between the First try to finish all the simple questions to boost your Conf-idence. As you prepare for the board examinat-ion, you Class XI Syllabus should also prepare and solve the last year question papers for Topic No. You also need to set the 3 hours time for each and every pre- Trigonometry 1 vious year paper, it will help you to judge yourself, and this will let Algebra XI 6 you know your weak and strong areas.

You will gradually become Coordinate Geometry 5 confident.

They are just dif- Topic No. There is a limit to which you can improve your speed and strike rate beyond which what becomes very important is your selec-tion of question. So success depends upon how judi- ciously one is able to select the questions.These programmes are common across schools throughout the world.

A pn junction 4 shown in the figure can act 1 Statement 1 is True, Statement 2 is 3. Vapour Sol.


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